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NLG Bungee Tool Lanyard

Code: 497305000
The Bungee Tool Lanyard is one of the most popular and versatile lanyards for tool tethering because of its easy-stretch durable webbing and anti-tangle 360° carabiner.
Size: One Size
Colour: Green
£27.55 exc. VAT  
£33.06 inc. VAT

Product Details

NLG Bungee Tool Lanyard

Widely recognised as the first choice in tool tethering, the NLG Bungee Lanyard is in a class of its own. The convenience of the self-retracting bungee webbing keeps the lanyard out of the way, ensuring it has minimal resistance to movement in the most gruelling reach work. A dual action carabiner that rotates freely through 360° avoiding twists and tangles and the tough climbing cord loop allows attachment to an anchor point or directly to a captive hole or handle on the tool itself.

Manufacturer Never let go Manufacturer Code 101372